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I am obsessed with how digital media has impacted trust and influence and how technology, in general, is transforming the way people interact with each other.  More importantly I am both a student and teacher of how we can leverage this knowledge to help organizations better listen to and communicate with their prospects, customers and stakeholders.  When done right, the results are AMAZING!TaylorMade Canada,

I am a proud Canadian and I do say, please and thank you a lot.  And, while I would disagree that I say aboot for about (just like I don’t say troot for trout), I sadly have to confess that I do say “eh”…busted!  On top of being Canadian, I am from New Brunswick and maintain that we have one of the most beautiful provinces in the country, particularly in the summer.

The founder and CMO of TaylorMade Solutions, I love helping clients with their marketing needs. I don’t think that everyone has to look and sound like everyone else to be successful. I believe in individuality.

You can see some of my work on such sites as Business 2 Community, Yahoo Small Business. Leaders West, CMO, and a few more.

For more information, visit us at TaylorMade Solutions





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